Guitar      Lessons

GotChops Guitar Lessons NYC 
​will travel to you or you may come to us. Will provide students of all ages and abilities with a solid foundation in learning the guitar. We will cover chords, exercises, reading tablature/sheet
music, ear training, strumming,
fretboard understanding, lead playing,
or we will start right from the beginning
by just simply learning all of the parts to the guitar and how to hold it, balance it, use a pick or your fingers. If you are already an advanced player then we will pick up with what you already know and go from there to help you reach your
goals and push your playing to the next level or levels.  
​From simple melodies to advanced lines, to learning the tunes that you love, or finding that interesting scale or
technique you’ve been looking for.
Lessons are fun, custom and personal
and very informative. All students will walk away with a strong sense of accomplishment after each lesson and
​will have the confidence and desire to practice, play, achieve and make music with the guitar.